Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?


Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

While most are relieved that the Covid-19 vaccines are finally being administered and are eager to be vaccinated, others are cautious about receiving them and are adopting the ‘wait and see’ attitude, still others are outrightly rejecting these vaccines.


About the Covid-19 vaccines

About the Covid-19 Vaccines


Just how safe and effective is the Covid-19 vaccine?

Just How Safe and Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine?


Muddling Covid-19 vaccine casualties with Covid-19 casualties

Muddling Covid-19 Vaccine Casualties with Covid-19 Casualties


Nations in damage control mode following vaccine casualties

Nations in Damage Control Mode Following Vaccine Casualties


Covid-19 reporting

Covid-19 Reporting


Covid-19 vaccine casualties tracker

Government statistics from the UK, Europe and the US and casualties around the world


Number of Covid-19 vaccine deaths according to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS)


Underreporting inherent with VAERS

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc.: Fewer than 1% of adverse effects of vaccine are actually reported.

VAERS underreporting vaccine casualties

If adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccines reported to VAERS represent only 1% of the actual cases, how many have actually been injured or killed by these vaccines? Do the math. How about adding two zeros to the official number?



Post Covid-19 vaccination deaths data compared


Post-vaccination deaths in the US


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Vaccine not proven to stop transmission of Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccines are meant to prevent mild symptoms, not stop transmission or serious effects, nor stop infection.


Contracting Covid-19 after vaccination

In Israel

In America


A return to normalcy after vaccination?


Are you prepared for a life of vaccine updates?

Life of Vaccine Updates


What recourse is there for vaccine injuries or deaths?

If the Covid-19 vaccines are so safe, what compensations are the vaccine manufacturers giving to those injured or killed by their products?

Protection from liability provided to vaccine manufacturers under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness  Act (Prepa)

Covid-19 vaccine casualties under EUA cannot sue pharmaceutical companies


Vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to improve on their liability protected product


The vaccine hesitant community

Incentives to entice the vaccine hesistants

Enticing the masses with weekly monetary prize. The authorities have to resort to such tactics to entice the vaccine hesistant population to receive the vaccine they claim is so safe and effective.


How much confidence does Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla have on his vaccine?


The vaccine tyranny has only just begun

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy data has emerged from Israel and around the world, would the public health authorities and the mainstream media continue to deceive the masses with their misleading data and irresponsible reporting? Would they continue to blatantly lie about the vaccines’ efficacy?

Would the gullible be any wiser, or would they fall for the third dose and the annual boosters and bring about their early demise?


Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Take a step back. Pause. Ponder.

Think through with a clear mind, with all the information available to you.

Should I risk vaccine injury or even death for a disease that has a 99.4% survival rate?

Do I know the long term adverse effects of these vaccines?

Have these experimental vaccines been proven to be effective and safe?

I may still contract Covid-19 after vaccination.

I may still transmit Covid-19 after vaccination.

The vaccine could alter my DNA.

Do I want to sign up to a life of perpetual vaccines?

There is little to no compensation for vaccine injury or death.


I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live. Deuteronomy 30:19


Pharmacy: End-time Deception

Rising Post Covid-19 Vaccination Deaths

Transitioning into the Mark of the Beast System

Switzerland: Hotbed of End-time Activities and Seat of the Antichrist

Warnings by Medical Professionals, Scientists and Researchers on Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccines

What is Your Source of News and Information?


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