How Covid-19 Vaccine Leads to the Mark of the Beast

In these casual but informative broadcasts, best-selling author and technology researcher Anthony Patch explains in detail how recombinant gene editing alters your DNA and how the Covid-19 vaccine leads to the Mark of the Beast.

Rectombinant Vaccine, part 1
Recombinant Vaccine, part 2


What ChAdOx-1 stands for:-


The Vaccine Leading to the Mark of the Beast

The Covid-19 vaccine was first administered in December 2020. Herd immunity is expected to take place in three years.

When the vaccine is proven ineffective against Covid-19 and herd immunity did not take place, would the micro needle array patch vaccine be pushed as the final ‘solution’ or offered as an antidote for vaccine injuries?


Cryptocurrency Award System

Cryptocurrency is the currency of the Mark of the Beast system, which is credited to the accounts of the citizens of the Totalitarian State, who have done its bidding, for their sustenance.
Microsoft submitted an application to patent the cryptocurrency technology used in this system.
A description of this technology can be found at the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s site:
Search Field/ID Number: WO/2020/060606

The patent’s publication number is WO/2020/060606. The Covid-19 vaccine is delivered by snake fangs-like needles, traceable by a technology called Luciferase. Pure coincidences?


Anthony Patch is a dedicated and thorough researcher. His detailed and in-depth researches are published in the Entangled magazine, which is Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller for two consecutive issues, December 2020 and January 2021.

You can find Anthony Patch’s works here:-

Other great works of Anthony Patch:-

In 2014, Anthony Patch warned of the threat of a DNA Altering Vaccine



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