The New ‘Christianity’

A sampling of the heresies that are taking root in postmodern Christianity.

Dr. James White debates Bishop John Shelby Spong on homosexuality in Christianity.
Bishop Spong is a much sought after speaker in churches and Christian conferences, and was the Bishop of Newark, New Jersey.
He is an advocate for a New Christianity, who asserts that Christianity must evolve or face extinction.
(Since when has the survival of Christianity rested in the ingenuity of mortal man?
Christianity has survived every challenge in every generation, only because God has been faithful to preserve His Word, and to have raised a remnant who vigilantly defended and proclaimed His truth.
That God would work any differently in this time and age is at best, presumptive.
That Christianity’s very survival is contingent on man’s ingenuity smacks of pure arrogance).
Bishop Spong is a classic Christian unbeliever (an oxymoronic term indeed), who rejects doctrines that are fundamental to the Christian faith, yet insists on being identified as a Christian.
Bishop Spong and the likes of him:-
Masquerade as Christians, infiltrate Bible schools, churches and Christian conferences, to spew out their corrupt and toxic spin on Christianity.
Are trained, skilled and slick orators who could pull a fast one without so much as a blink.
Twist and turn words to fit their perverted interpretation of Scripture and their definition of Christianity.
Do not believe in the God of the Bible, but in a God of their own construct, who is always loving and never judgemental.
Are cynical of God because He does not fit their mould of Him.
Do not hide their disdain for Christian doctrines but challenge and tear them.
Do not hold to fundamental Christian doctrines, as such, have no clear sense of good and evil, right and wrong.
Would often claim that new discoveries have surfaced, discoveries that challenge what you have believed about Christianity.
Seduce like-minded Christians with an alternate, new Christianity, stumbling and drawing them away from the faith.
Are bent on destroying the church from within and establishing their brand of Christianity.

The premise on which Bishop Spong debates Dr. White reveals his warped Christian theology.
Follow through the entire debate to appreciate the extent of Bishop Spong’s sick heresy and Dr. White’s solid biblical stance.


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