Muddling Covid-19 Vaccine Casualties with Covid-19 Casualties

Pandemic of the unvaccinated?


Post-vaccination reinfections (breakthrough cases) would no longer be reported, and its implications


Vaccinated makes up 85-90% of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Israel


Covid surges in 4 of 5 most vaccinated countries


Grim warning from Israel


The unvaccinated vindicated

Video begins at 2:05


Request for unvaccinated deaths data backfired


Covid-19 natural immunity vs vaccine-induced immunity


Covid-19 vaccine failures and what drives the new strains of coronaviruses?


Covid-19 vaccines trigger coronavirus variants


Natural immunity lawsuit fought and won


The Covid-19 vaccine robs you of your natural immune system. Now your compromised immunity cannot even protect you from a virus weakened through mutation, giving the impression that a mutated virus is stronger and deadlier.

Would we be seeing a spike in post Covid-19 vaccination injuries and deaths? How would these casualties be registered and reported?


Covid-19 Reporting

Just How Safe and Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Rising Post Covid-19 Vaccination Deaths

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Warnings by Medical Professionals, Scientists and Researchers on Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccines

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