Covid-19 Reporting

PCR test pandemic

The controversial PCR test was adopted as the standard for Covid-19 testing by the World Health Organisation and the global health authorities.

The PCR test fuels the Covid-19 crisis. More testing, more cases

“A number of highly respected scientists worldwide assume that there has never been a Corona pandemic but only a PCR test pandemic.” Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, German Corona Investigative Committee.

PCR testing: Were we duped?

PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped?


Coronavirus cases plummet when PCR tests are adjusted

Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Adjusted


Inflated Covid-19 deaths count

Covid-19 deaths in perspective


What constitutes Covid-19 deaths?


How death certificates are completed


Coroner speaking up on inflated Covid-19 deaths


Call for audit on Covid-19 deaths


Actual Covid-19 deaths at 6% of reported cases


Covid-19 mortality rate at 0.6%

Your Covid-19 survival rate is 99.4%!

Mortality rate is even lower (and your survival rate higher) when you factor in the actual Covid-19 deaths

How many have recovered from Covid-19 without even realising they had it? They may have passed it off as a mild flu.

If enough of those who have recovered would share their experiences, it would alleviate the fears of the people of Covid-19.


Brian Rose on Covid-19 cases

Dr. John MacArthur puts Covid-19 deaths in perspective


There is no excess mortality


There is no pandemic

Dr. MacArthur’s take on the Covid-19 crisis


Fear-mongering by the public health authorities and the mainstream media

Covid-19 case numbers

Do not be unduly troubled and alarmed by Covid-19 case numbers. The case numbers in themselves do not present any meaningful data about the conditions of the infected or the Covid-19 situation.

Covid-19 case numbers could easily be manipulated by the powers-that-be to serve their own agenda.

The PCR test is their tool to spin the numbers and impose their draconian Covid-19 measures indefinitely, preying on the fears of the ignorant.

Covid-19 deaths

While every death is a tragedy, Covid-19 death statistics do not present a true picture of the crisis.

The mainstream media’s inverted focus of the Covid-19 crisis and its sensationalised casualties have sown fears and insecurities among the populace. The global population’s fixation with the Covid-19 virus mania are stressing them out. All these hypes about Covid-19 have not only led to a Covid-19 phobia but have also ravaged the global economy.

Would the mainstream media extend the same coverage to post-vaccination reinfections and Covid-19 vaccines injuries and deaths?

Their skewed and lopsided reporting gives an illusion that the global Covid-19 vaccination program is a success.


Blatant lies of the public health authorities and the mainstream media

CDC caught falsifying data?

A sea of lies

The public health authorities and the mainstream media have been misrepresenting Covid-19 data, fabricating and propagating misleading reports since the outbreak of Covid-19 and blown the crisis out of proportion.

Have you been exposing yourself to reliable and trustworthy data and information or have you bought into the sophisticated and elaborate schemes and deceptions of the publicity and propaganda arm of the powers-that-be?

Do not fall prey to the fear-mongering of the public health authorities and the mainstream media.

You cannot make critical decisions based on your gut feelings and emotions. You need trustworthy and reliable data and information.

Do your own research. People who refuse to do so but depend on others for news are just blindly flowing with the crowd.

They rely on their families, friends and their governments to decide what’s best for them.

The majority is not always right, and there is no safety in the crowd.


Why fear-mongering and lockdowns continue?


The three great forces that rule the world


Covid-19 Controversies

Just How Safe and Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Organisations Tasked with the Global Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Transitioning into the Mark of the Beast System

What is Your Source of News and Information?

Go to What’s New?

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