Anthony Patch’s Covid-19 Research

Anthony Patch is a dedicated and thorough technology researcher. His works are published in the Entangled magazine, which is Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller for two consecutive issues, December 2020 and January 2021.

His detailed and in-depth researches are also broadcasted in his Bitchute and Brighteon channels. His YouTube channel was however taken down in January 2021.

Anthony Patch’s works can be found at


How Covid-19 Recombinant vaccine changes your DNA
Gain of Function HIV-1 Retrovirus  

What is Gain of Function?

Gain of function is a line of research where scientists take viruses and study how they might be modified to become deadlier or more transmissible.

The Dangers of Gain of Function


HIV-1 retrovirus is used in Covid-19 vaccines because it can alter the host’s DNA.


In 2014, Anthony Patch warned of the threat of a DNA Modifying Vaccine
The vaccine transforms you into a hybrid.


Why Covid-19 Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast.

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