Covid-19 Vaccine: Forerunner of the Mark of the Beast

Bestselling author Anthony Patch is a dedicated and diligent technology researcher. His detailed and thorough researches are published in the Entangled magazine and broadcasted at Brighteon and Bitchute.   Anthony Patch’s Entangled magazine, December, 2020 and January 2021 issues were Amazon’s No.1 bestsellers.   In 2014 Anthony warned of a vaccine that couldContinue reading “Covid-19 Vaccine: Forerunner of the Mark of the Beast”

Covid-19 Vaccine Alters Your DNA

CRISPR: The word processor of genetic engineering   Microsoft on programming DNA      Moderna’s mRNA operating system   Tal Zaks on hacking the software of life Moderna’s boss explains how mRNA vaccine could hack into your DNA and reprogram it   Why would anyone want to go around altering our DNA?   Dr.Continue reading “Covid-19 Vaccine Alters Your DNA”