Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

  The medical fraternity mourns the loss of a great doctor and freedom fighter https://rumble.com/v1bctdt-remembering-dr.-vladimir-zev-zelenko.html   The Zelenko protocol that has saved countless lives worldwide https://rumble.com/vrj3ld-dr-zelenko-the-gun-and-the-bullet-breaking-down-the-protocol-and-immune-sup.html   Dr. Zelenko’s prescription available online https://zstacklife.com/?ref=discount   Candid interview with Dr. Zelenko on Covid-19 https://rumble.com/vmy4fn-dr.-zelenko-forget-class-action-lawsuits-there-will-be-tribunals-what-if-cu.html   Dr. Zelenko issues grave warning   Dr. Zelenko on global bio-weapon attackContinue reading “Dr. Vladimir Zelenko”

The Covid-19 Controversies

Since a mysterious coronavirus-related pneumonia outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019, till the global Covid-19 vaccination program, the Covid-19 crisis has been rocked by controversies. Here’s a look at them:- The Covid-19 virus is man-made Covid-19 Virus is Man-made   Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus by PCR test at centre ofContinue reading “The Covid-19 Controversies”

Covid-19 Virus and Vaccines are Genetically Engineered Bio-weapons

The Covid-19 bio-weapon Dr. Anthony Fauci, the virologist community and the mainstream media implicated in lab-leaked Covid-19   What is Gain-of-Function research? https://www.vox.com/2020/5/1/21243148/why-some-labs-work-on-making-viruses-deadlier-and-why-they-should-stop   Weaponised coronavirus discovered by Indian scientists   Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Covid-19 bio-weapon exposè Dr. Yan was one of the first scientists tasked with investigating the Covid-19 outbreak in December 2019  Continue reading “Covid-19 Virus and Vaccines are Genetically Engineered Bio-weapons”