The Gospel of Salvation or the Social Gospel?

Aren’t you stumped by the casual attitude of people towards the single most important issue in life – the question of their eternal destiny, and that of their loved ones? They live as if life on earth is all there is to their existence. What is at stake in the ongoing battle between God’s armyContinue reading “The Gospel of Salvation or the Social Gospel?”

What Happens after Death?

    The Lake of Fire awaits all who die without Jesus as Saviour. There is no escaping the Lake of Fire. Once you are there, you are there for all eternity. The concept of eternity is difficult to grasp. Just how long is eternity? Imagine after having been tormented in the Lake of FireContinue reading “What Happens after Death?”

Is There Life After Death?

What is at stake in the ongoing battle between God’s army and the army of the devil?The Battle for SoulsThe stake is the billions of souls on the road to one of two eternities.How many of our world’s population of 7.7 billion would make it to heaven, and how many would end up in theContinue reading “Is There Life After Death?”