Rising Post Covid-19 Vaccination Deaths

Covid-19 vaccine casualties tracker Government statistics from the UK, Europe and the US and casualties around the world   Number of Covid-19 vaccine deaths according to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS)   Underreporting inherent with VAERS Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc.: Fewer than 1% of adverse effects of vaccine are actually reported. https://digital.ahrq.gov/ahrq-funded-projects/electronic-support-public-health-vaccine-adverse-event-reporting-systemContinue reading “Rising Post Covid-19 Vaccination Deaths”

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-global-distribution/ While most are relieved that the Covid-19 vaccines are finally being administered and are eager to be vaccinated, others are cautious about receiving them and are adopting the ‘wait and see’ attitude, still others are outrightly rejecting these vaccines.   About the Covid-19 vaccines About the Covid-19 Vaccines   Just howContinue reading “Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?”