The Dawn of Global Governance

Government within governments: The clandestine takeover of the world The Bible calls the devil the prince of the world. The devil and his minions of fallen angels and human agents are the entities collectively known to the world as the Shadow Government, the Elite, the 1%, the Technocrats, the Deep State, the Cabal and theContinue reading “The Dawn of Global Governance”

The Organisations Tasked with the Global Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Big Pharma, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the mainstream media are all intricately involved in the global Covid-19 vaccination program.   Big Pharma How much do you know about Big Pharma?   Why Big Pharma will never solve world’sContinue reading “The Organisations Tasked with the Global Covid-19 Vaccination Program”

Switzerland: Hotbed of End-times Activities and Seat of the Antichrist

    What is Gavi?   The World Health Organisation runs the world The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a private agency that directs and coordinates international public health. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO is the centre of the Covid-19 crisis response, directing the world on the testing of theContinue reading “Switzerland: Hotbed of End-times Activities and Seat of the Antichrist”