Compromised by Technology

Former technical director of the National Security Agency (NSA), William Binney on global surveillance


Edward Snowden exposes the spy in your phone


You are being monitored 24/7


Check out which app is spying on you

Check out how WhatsApp, Zoom, Telegram, Facebook and other apps spy on you.

This is how WhatsApp spies on you


Capability and reach of cyber technology are alarming


How private data can be intercepted



Be discreet

Everything you do with your smart devices and appliances is being monitored and tracked.

The powers that be are actively spying on us 24/7, turning our world into a surveillance and police state. They see what you see, hear what you hear.

Be discreet on the social media and on all public platforms. Do not disclose, share or discuss sensitive information. You put yourself and others at risk.

Wean yourself of technology

We take pride in the advancement of science and technology, but these same technologies are now turning around and biting us.

Technology is a powerful tool in the hands of the Technocrats to control the human population.

Wean yourself of technology if you do not want to play by their rules.


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