A Life of Vaccine Updates

Pfizer CEO on booster shot


Israel prepares second round of Covid vaccine, expects to include children



Expect booster shots indefinitely



Biden, Fauci discuss shorter intervals for Covid-19 boosters



Why you can expect the third Covid shot to come your way soon

Grim warning from Israel

The outcome of Pfizer’s experiment on the people of Israel is out for the world to see.



How did we get ourselves into this predicament?

Leading researcher states matter-of-factly that Pfizer’s vaccine lowers your immunity

“Recipients of Pfizer vaccine have about five to six fold lower neutralizing antibodies” Dr. David Bauer, group leader, Francis Crick Institute


Vaccine specialist, Dr. Geert Vanden explains how Covid-19 vaccine destroys your immune system

The Covid-19 vaccine robs you of your natural immune system. Now your compromised immunity cannot even protect you from a virus weakened through mutation, giving the impression that a mutated virus is stronger and deadlier.


Treatment for your vaccine-induced compromised immune system

How are the health authorities remedying your vaccine-induced compromised immune system? By giving you more shots of the very same vaccine that has robbed you of your immune system in the first place!

Is Israel blind to danger?



Israel, Covid-19 role model of the world

You‘d think Israel has learned its lessons from its first two shots of Pfizer’s experimental vaccines, but no, it has begun to administer its third Pfizer shot that comes with a Green Pass, valid for 6 months.

Other countries would soon follow Israel’s vaccine suicidal path. It is the case of the blind leading the blind.

You can expect a life of perpetual vaccinations on the horizon.


Impassioned plea by prominent microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi to refrain from another shot



If you have taken the Covid-19 jab, do yourself a favour, take the Serology and the D-dimers test.

Serology test explained


Blood clotting and the D-dimers test

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a medical doctor in a small town in Lytton in British Columbia, Canada, who observed that blood clotting is not a rare effect of the mRNA vaccine, but is in fact its effect.

He made this discovery upon the examination of his patients whom he injected with the jab.



Did you believe you could actually return to normalcy after getting your two shots or have you been duped into a life of perpetual vaccines?

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy data has emerged from Israel and around the world, would the public health authorities and the mainstream media continue to deceive the masses with their misleading data and irresponsible reporting? Would they continue to blatantly lie about the vaccines’ efficacy?

Would the gullible be any wiser, or would they fall for the third dose and the annual boosters and bring about their early demise?


Covid-19 Vaccine: Forerunner of the Mark of the Beast

Just How Safe and Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Muddling Covid-19 Vaccine Casualties with Covid-19 Casualties

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Warnings by Medical Professionals, Scientists and Researchers on Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccines

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