Life of Vaccine Updates

Pfizer CEO on booster shot


Expect booster shots indefinitely


Biden, Fauci discuss shorter intervals of Covid-19 booster shots


Israel prepares second round of Covid vaccine, expects to include children


Israel offers third round of vaccine


Did you expect a life of perpetual vaccines or have you been duped into it?

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy data has emerged from Israel and around the world, would the public health authorities and the mainstream media continue to deceive the masses with their misleading data and irresponsible reporting? Would they continue to blatantly lie about the vaccines’ efficacy?

Would the gullible be any wiser, or would they fall for the third dose and the annual boosters?


Just How Safe and Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Muddling Covid-19 Vaccine Casualties with Covid-19 Casualties

Should I Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

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